THE FINAL FRIDAY (Well, for us its a Thursday)

So Friday marks the end of the working week for most people, but as I’ve mentioned previously, for us its a Thursday.
I can’t believe our last week at Dale Studios has arrived, these past six weeks have flown by so quickly and we couldn’t have imagined they would go by this fast.

We’ve all learned so much that it feels like we’re different people- I personally had no idea that marketing and graphic design went hand in hand, but now I am certain of it!

Today we had our last meeting with Ben about EntDeck and it was great to see Ffion and Jack’s hard work pay off because Ben was certainly impressed by their concepts.

On another note, the weather is boiling… people go abroad to experience the weather we’re experiencing right now in England. The office is full of fans- fans of this blog, and fans that keep us cool. To be honest, we’re already cool but we mean the fans that keep us temperature cool- let me stop with the lame jokes.

I feel like we were different people at the start of this work experience- in my eyes that measures how much we’ve learned. This has been a great learning opportunity for all of us and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being DALE DIGITAL for the last six weeks. I feel so professional calling myself Dale Digital, I’ll miss that the most!

I’ll definitely miss tweeting cheesy graphic design related content on behalf of Dale Studios, uploading photographs of Andy (I made you famous, don’t forget me) and bombarding Ffion, Jack and Tom with my camera every now and again to update Instagram. To be honest, this could be the beginning of my career in the Paparazzi! Kidding guys.

On a more serious note however:
we’re ever so grateful to everybody at Dale Studios for having us and making us feel welcome! A special thank you to Tom for putting up with us (poor guy), supporting us (those car rides to Ben because we don’t drive) and teaching us so much(I know all kinds of computer codes now)!

Also, a big thank you to anybody who took the time to read what we had to say because we appreciate you!
Anyway, let me pass the keyboard to Jack and see what he has to say for our final post…

Zubia 🙂

So it’s the last week and this whole internship has gone by so fast! It has been a huge learning curve and I’m extremely grateful for the experience. This last week has seen everything come together rather well, its been a fun, educating, and absolutely boiling week. We presented Entdeck yesterday which was a great experience and Ben seemed to like the work (although admittedly Tom and Ffion were better than me at the presenting part). It’s really nice to see the work we’ve all put in presented well in a neat presentation. The studio seems as busy as ever now, and Tom has passed on a few jobs to Ffion and I. I’ve been illustrating a forced perspective hole in the ground for a mock shop which has been really fun. But I have definitely learnt a lot from this place. It’s been a very educational experience and thank you to Tom especially!

Jack 🙂