How to Get Inspired!

This week has flown by, as have the previous three before it. Its gone by so fast that I actually thought that this was my third week and I had three more weeks left- wishful thinking! Unfortunately, the end is near and in two very close weeks our time at Dale Studios will be over.As you all know from previous blog posts, I’ve been in charge of all the digital marketing which means I get to spend time doing something we all love to do – browsing, posting and updating on

As you all know from previous blog posts, I’ve been in charge of all the digital marketing which means I get to spend time doing something we all love to do – browsing, posting and updating on Social Media. One famous hashtag that I’ve noticed is reoccurring every Thursday- which I have participated in, on behalf of Dale Studios is “Thursday Thoughts.” I love this hashtag because you get to say something inspirational, helpful or simply positive to make anybody who read’s your thought’s day better.

I’m constantly posting top tips on all of the social media pages, so I thought why not write an authentic and helpful blog post on a topic that I like?

Personally, I get bored very easily! If I’m passionate about something, I thrive when I think, speak or work on it. However, in life working on a topic you like isn’t always the case, so here are 10 tips for staying positively inspired:

  1. Do your research: GOOGLE the topic, until you FIND something that interests you about it, or until you learn something new about it. Although anything can seem boring at first, the more you get your head around an idea- the less scary it is and the more inspired you’ll be to work on it. Get to know the idea as well as you can, on different forms of media- watch a YouTube video on the topic, read some news on the topic and even read other peoples views/idea’s on it. In fact, if you’re in a creative field and you’re a designer or art worker, my favourite inspirational website is PINTEREST! Find images, advice and articles all on this beautiful website which allows you to find inspiration from all over the world.
  2.  Take a break: sometimes when your not fond of a piece of work and it seems to be dragging, or you’ve been working on it for so long that your passion is lacking, your standard of work may not be as high as it can be. Take a 5-10 minute short break and go for a walk outside, or if you’re an exercise addict that loves to have their headphones in while they burn calories, go on a quick run and get those happy chemicals in your mind workingThere’s nothing like a good old break to give you the clean slate you need to start again with a better attitude and mind set.
  3. Read quotes on hard work: There are some quotes out there that make you feel like you’re capable of anything, try to read at least one a day on hard work, success or achieving your goals. This will keep you subconsciously motivated to work harder naturally and it will improve your attitude towards things you don’t enjoy.
  4.  Challenge yourself: set yourself a target- one you thought you could never achieve and make it happen. This will improve your confidence and make you more likely to try things you thought you couldn’t do. A sense of achievement feels great and it can get very addictive!
  5.  Write a list of 10 things that you’re grateful for and 10 things you want to achieve: I always do this because it cheers me up and reminds me that I have goals, which I’m on a journey to get to. That current boring job task that you’re working on might be what helps you get to where you want to be in a few years- this thought makes you more inspired to work hard. For me, that job I hated but needed for my future was retail! Focusing on the future always helped me get by.
  6.  Recognise your strengths: A can do attitude can achieve anything it wants to- remember that the key to success is your mindset.A Ambition is the car that drives you to your dream career, whilst motivation is the petrol that gets you there. That’s how I think about it anyway and by the way that is a “Zubia Malik” original quote!
  7.  Stimulate your mind: express yourself creatively by drawing, reading or travelling. Keep learning new things constantly. Some people play puzzles or games. My big sister is reading a book that will teach her how to think like Sherlock Holmes- do what you can to push yourself and you’ll always be a step ahead than you were yesterday!
  8. Listen to music: listen to an artist that inspires you or sings about life. Maybe you could even listen to something that cheers you up, relaxes you or increases your confidence- whatever floats your boat! Some people perceive music as hypnosis because it is scientifically proven that it can affect your mood and perception on life, so channel your brain to think positively.
  9. Try and Apply: there must be secret hobbies you’ve had that you never pursued like fencing? Well, I always wanted to do fencing! What’s holding me back? Nothing, so watch this space! Try things you’ve never tried before, whether its kick boxing, applying for a dream job/internship that you thought you’d never get, pitching an idea to your boss or even trying cuisine like snails. (Shout out to the French)
  10.  Practise Mindfulness: take a walk and visually absorb the environment around you. We walk past beautifully designed buildings everyday and never truly appreciate all the intricate design and architectural details. Take a few minutes to walk down a busy high street that you always walk down and actually look up at the buildings and examine them, notice details and repeat them to yourself. Mindfulness is great for minimising anxiety, because it reminds you to stay in the moment and focus on the now. Take a look at the grass, the tree’s and look at different textures- experience life properly!

Here is the end of my 10 top tips for staying inspired. I hope you found them helpful. I felt inspired just writing it! The moral of the story is that life is short so make it worth living and be who you want to be! My favourite lesson from Dale Studios is that trying is better than not doing- you would rather try to do something you struggle with and learn how to do it, than not try and never know!

Anyway, tune back in with me next week because we have an exciting meeting with Ben (CEO of Participoll and EntDeck) to discuss our branding and marketing briefs!

Take care guys 🙂