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It’s Almost Over!

The past five weeks have flown past, faster than Usain Bolt could have. I guess that’s a strong indication of how much we’ve all enjoyed our internships here and how busy we’ve been. I’ve learnt about HTML, website servers, branding and logos– things that I had little knowledge of before. I’m now thankful for the more in depth understanding that this internship has given me on marketing campaigns for actual (REAL LIFE) clients.

This week I’ve been perfecting the Participoll Marketing Brief document and tomorrow we finally present it to Ben, which will be great. I’m also looking forward to another political chat because Ben seemed to know so much about politics and educated us on the whole BREXIT situation! Learning about marketing on a degree is so different from actually applying what you’ve been taught for a client, so completing an internship or any work experience is key for you to get a real idea of what the job role you want to do will be like! I’ve become so used to updating the social media that I have to admit

I’ve become so used to updating the social media that I have to admit it has become a hobby- I love logging in as Dale Studios and tweeting about trending topics, uploading graphics and adding cheeky captions- analysing what people respond to and what they don’t respond to is so interesting!

I’ve realised that increasing website traffic is so easy- well, not easy that’s a bit of an over statement but all you really need is a great video and it’s all kicking off! Homepage visits increase, more visits lead to more possible sales and so on.

MY FAVOURITE fact of the day is that having a video on your homepage is 50x more likely to make your page come up on the first search page on Google! I know right?

Anyway, I’ll pass this on to Jack so he can fill you in on EntDeck!

Thank you for reading 🙂

So this week has been a pretty good one I’d say. I had to take Thursday off to welcome my new niece into the world, which was really nice. We’ve been finalising the Entdeck presentation and I have especially been focusing on the little animation to accompany the logo. Tom’s knowledge and eye for design has seen that come along; when I think it’s finished he continually gives me guidance and makes it looks so much better. Ffion has been working on the UI and Entdeck presentation as well and it’s coming along very nicely. So it has been a productive week and I do not expect much sleep from here on out due to the new baby I’ll be sharing the house with. It’s okay though, she’s very cute!

Thank you so much for having us at Dale Studios! I can’t believe it is almost over. 🙁