Large Format

  • Direct UV

    rigid materials up to 50mm thick,
    white ink, 2.1m by 3.1m print area

  • Roll Fed Eco-solvent

    up to 1.6m wide, 100s of material options,
    versatile print

  • Roll Fed Latex

    up to 1.6m wide, white inks,
    super bright inks, eco friendly

  • Duratrans

    dense, detailed, translucent


  • Positives

    bespoke, rare process

  • Separations

    useful, flexible, production focused

  • Patching

    versatile, allows films to be larger than 508mm width


  • Exhibition Stands

    reusable, convenient, impactful

Print Finishing

  • Material Mounting

    strong, flexible, 100’s of choices

  • Milling

    unusual, 3D relief, tactile

  • Creasing

    efficient, accurate, reliable

  • V-Grooving

    construction focused, useful

  • Embossing

    premium, tactile, luxurious

  • Die Cut

    high-end, flexible

  • Foiling

    premium, tactile, luxurious

  • Duplex/Triplex Glueing

    premium, flexible, impactful

Medium/Large Run

  • Litho

    economical, consistent, accurate

  • Screen Print

    robust, versatile, flexible


  • CAD Cut

    precise, bespoke, bold

  • Multi-layer

    flexible, unusual, premium

  • Printed

    flexible, efficient

  • Kiss Cut Stickers

    impactful, flexible, practical

  • Glass Frosting

    practical, attractive


  • Gel/Dome Badges

    3D, tactile, strong

  • POS

    creative, practical, economical

  • Cardboard Engineering

    creative, clever, inventive

  • Bespoke Units

    flexible, strong, practical


  • Stationery

    unique, economical

  • Spot UV

    premium, bespoke, tactile

  • Brochures & Booklets

    practical, economical

  • Leaflets & Flyers

    practical, economical

  • Posters

    large, impactful, flexible