Martin ‘Wheezy’ Whitmore

Project Manager & Estimator / Village Idiot

I was born in 1961 and grew up with a good paper round (Scraptoft Hill) which kept me looking young. I’m known as ‘Wheezy’ due to my high fitness levels. I’ve got my very own City & Guilds in design for print and ran my own screen printing business for 20 years. I also have over 30 years experience in P.O.S. I reckon that puts me in the legend bracket but there may be some ‘nay’sayers. I’m now going through the stresses and strains of life at Dale Studios – I love it really!

Favourite Biscuit: Bourbon (dunked in tea)

Favourite Artist: Ian Curtis

Favourite Song: Feed the Enemy – Magazine

Loves: Piri piri chicken & Saturdays

Hates: People who write on their hands