Nicola ‘Skippy’ Towers

Designer / Top Banana

Hiiiiii! I’m Nic, Nicola, Skip, Skippy, whatever takes your fancy. I’m a designer here at Dale Studios and also the youngest of the team.

I love to design things from a blank canvas with no restrictions, either on a Mac or with old school pen and pencil sketches. I also love to make scrapbooks of memories and projects. I follow Leicester City  FC home and away, and yes, I know, what a waste of money! (most of the time anyway) …but what else you going to do on a Saturday?

Favourite Biscuit: – Shortbread

Favourite Artist: – Kasabian

Favourite Song: – The Killers – Mr Brightside

Loves: – Leicester City and Chips Cheese & Beans!

Hates: – Chocolate and Mushrooms