Thursdays aren’t the worst days, they’re the best!

Soooooooo, I know most people say that Fridays are their favourite day of the week because its the start of the weekend and so on, but seriously? I love a Thursday! Thursdays are half days for us interns. We try to get through all of our work faster because we know we have less time and the day whizzes by because we’re so busy! It’s Thursday morning and I have written myself a maahoooo-sive to do list from the night before. I have to chase up some of the team for information for their online profiles that I’ve been assisting Tom with, finish my draft of the marketing brief for Tom, keep on top of my social media duties (Andy has become the star of Dale’s social media platforms), update this blog post and create a pretty layout for the marketing brief with Jack or Ffion’s help (hopefully)!


I can’t believe it’s already been three weeks since we started at Dale Studios. We’ve been given some amazing opportunities here and its a kick start for all of our careers! I’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about branding from Tom, being able to put my writing skills into practise and getting to have a say in which of Jack and Ffion’s logo designs look the best… my favourite aspect of this internship is that it’s very hands on and we all get to be involved in everything and have our say. I’m using my keyboard warrior typing skills to whizz through everything I need to do. I’ve been taking photographs of all the talented work here at the studio and if you guys are lucky, next week I might do a behind the scenes video of what goes on at Dale Studios so you can see the different departments there are, including a quick chat or two with members of the team.

Studying a degree and learning about marketing, writing and branding in depth give you an idea of what everything will be like- but actual experience really teaches you how to do the job properly. Anyway, next week we have a meeting with Ben to go over the Participoll marketing brief and the Entdeck logo designs that Jack and Ffion have produced, so hopefully he likes our ideas! Tom has told us anecdotes from his career experiences whilst working at Dale Studios and taught us some rules about marketing and branding:

  1. Focus on the objective, never waiver from the objective the client has asked you to achieve. If you achieve anything extra its a bonus but what you’ve agreed to achieve, must be achieved!
  2. When it comes to graphic design, go as out-of-the-box-creative as you like, as long as your design will be easily scalable for the company to use repeatedly for different things, but cut it down to a few select concepts to show to your client!
  3. Always have measurables to show the client which marketing tactics have worked well and which ones haven’t, otherwise how will you measure your success?

These top tips will stay with us for the rest of our graduate career experiences!

Speaking of top tips, we have a HTML master class to look forward to- sometimes I wonder if this Tom at Dale Studios is the Tom that created Facebook, because he is a master at web design, computers, graphic design and all things computer-related (specifically Macs). Tom has numerous cool gadgets including this quirky little mouse that isn’t even attached to the Mac, which he uses in our team briefs. It’s like we’re in Karate Kid and he’s the SENSAI who teaches everything. Sensai means teacher in Japanese by the way. If Tom is our Sensai, then Dale, Adrian and Ben are our Dai-Sensais (that means top master/teacher).

Anyway, Sensai Tom wandered in a while ago and I didn’t even realise because I’ve been so busy blog, blog, bloggggggging! I’m not going to get Jack and Ffion to join my blog-madness today as I can see they’re very captivated by their logo designing so heres the end of my blog post on our behalf today guys!

Thanks for following our journey, I can’t wait to write more about our experiences next week! Also, I hope you enjoyed that short but sweet introduction to the Japanese language that I just gave you! This photo of Andy, is what kick-started his career as a social media celebrity!


Zubia 🙂