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Meet our family

Looking for ordinary?

Keep looking.


At the heart of everything we do is a personal investment in our clients’ success. We always have, and always will, take your projects, personally.


From meetings, to production tours through to the work we send out and how it’s packaged, we pride ourselves on our uncompromising presentation and professionalism.


We’re no stranger to tight deadlines or mould-breaking processes. If we say it can be done, we’ll get it done. On time and on brief, every time.


Our creativity isn’t limited to our design work. Our team are each masters of their trade and with that expertise comes a wealth of knowledge for creative problem solving.


We know that every action has consequences, whether it be impact on quality or on timescales and lead times. We think ahead to solve problems before they arise.


Our success is your success and yours is ours. Every project we tackle is an investment in the future of your business and ours – meaning we’ll do whatever it takes to see it come out perfectly.

The studio

a business ethos of reliability, knowledge… and friendly working relationships.

Having worked with Dale Studios for over 17 years I have seen them grow and expand on a business ethos of reliability, knowledge of the industry and the importance of an honest and friendly working relationship. I look forward to many more years to come working with all the team at Dales.

Perfection in


Printed media is at the centre of everything we do and has been for decades. Our team comprises of experienced print, vinyl & CAD technicians who are experts in creating the perfect result in their given discipline. To see a full list of our print & production services click here or why not check out some of our latest projects? Or, if you’d like to see what we can do for you…

Large format

POS is always getting bigger and bolder which is why our production capabilities do too. We have some of the UK’s largest direct printing presses, allowing us to meet a vast array of production challenges.

Pantone perfect

With an unparallelled eye for detail and an understanding of the importance of colour in your print, we won’t stop until we match your colour requirements as closely as possible.


From rigid materials, though self-adhesives to translucent films, laminates & coatings, we know our materials and can help you find the best substrate for your needs.


We are always mindful of our materials, our machines, our capabilities and our requirements, meaning we always work quickly and efficiently to meet time targets and quality benchmarks.


Despite the breadth of our production capabilities, every production area has a dedicated and expert technician at it’s heart, ensuring every job reaches it’s full potential.


Care and precision is at the heart of what we do. We strive to produce graphics that wow in both impact and detail.

Print & Production

Always happy to help and a wealth of knowledge

Having worked with Dale Studios since Dale had hair, Ben was a spotty faced teenager and Martin… well Martin has NEVER changed, I think I can say with every confidence that they have always gone the extra mile to ensure time lines have been met without any loss of their renowned quality. Always happy to help and a wealth of knowledge. What more do you need from a supplier?

Dedicated, daring


“Design is thinking made visual”, or so the saying goes. To us, design is about problem solving. It’s about communicating the right message, in the right way, to the right people. Sometimes it’s bold and brash, other times it’s understated and subtle. Whatever is needed, our award-winning design team have the skill and experience to make it happen.


Designing around the limits of production methods without compromising on aesthetics is the ideal we strive for. With a tried and tested workflow, we ensure our work gives you what you need as well as what you want.

Results driven

Our design services are grounded in results. Design without an objective isn’t design at all. That’s why our work is always focussed on acheiving it’s aims, not just looking great.


Our team have proved their mettle over the years with a swathe of awards to boast between them, including a Worldwide Logo Design Award and a handful of international publications too.


Creativity is the single most important skill available to a designer. Our team pride themselves on taking unique views on design problems to produce creative & innovative solutions.


Care and precision is at the heart of what we do. We strive to produce design and artwork that is pixel-perfect and fits it’s purpose down to the finest detail.


Creativity is great but considered creativity is even better. We filter our ideas through years of experience to ensure every idea is appropriate and feasible too.

Design & Artworking

The Dale Studios team find solutions for the impossible

Over the years working with Dale Studios, their level of service and attention to detail has increased along with the increase of volume of work. I know I can rely on Dale and his team to push their abilities and adapt to ever changing Client briefs to deliver the job on time and to budget.



Installations are usually the last step in realising a POS campaign. From conception, through design & production, the utmost care is taken to produce the perfect finish and you need the same care, expertise and attention to detail from your installers too. Our install team are experienced, reliable and competent fitters with an unparallelled knowledge of the materials they work with.


Unexpected issues such as inaccurate site surveys or awkward access are all to common in POS but our team are well versed in problem solving, meaning you can trust our team to do the job you need them to.


It should go without saying but our fitters know their onions which means that you get exactly what you want, every time. There will be no unexpected material issues or adhesion problems on our watch.


It’s 4 am and your store opens at 8 but the measurements provided were wrong and the panels don’t fit! Nobody’s ideal scenario but a familiar one. Team Dales are problem solvers always able to make the best of any bad situation.


POS is marketing and, like any other type of marketing, it needs to convert sales. Our fitters work with this in mind to give your POS it’s best possible chance of converting customers and driving sales.


Our fitters have a combined experience of decades in POS and an encyclopedic knowledge of their materials & tools so there’s not much that surprises us.


We apply the same attention to detail to our fitting as we do to our design, print and production, meaning you can rest easy in the knowledge that your fit will be picture perfect.

Install & Fitting

through thick and thin on various sized projects with production and installation.

Having worked closely with Dale studios for more than 15 years – their service, commitment and quality has always remained outstanding. I have seen the company grow into the dynamic workplace they have today with full appreciation that the personal touch has never been lost. When the pressure has been on, Dale’s have always supported me in every way through thick and thin on various sized projects with production and installation.

Dedicated to


Web design & web development are fascinating, near-bottomless disciplines much like other kinds of screen media, such as animation. Our dedicated digital design team are immersed in all aspects of digital design from front and back-end web development to motion graphics. Everything we do is to better understand and produce feasible, compliant and beautiful designs for the web and beyond.


Our digital team stay abreast of changing technologies and requirements across the world of web and digital design so you don’t have to.


Our websites, emails and apps are built with compliance and compatibility at their heart, ensuring your site looks as good on Android as Apple, on a PC as a Mac.


Every member of our digital team has a background in design meaning that we never compromise on aesthetics and brand image when making our sites work.


We understand that most people don’t know thier CSS from their CMS or their SQL from their HTML which is why our focus is always on usability. Whether it be the ease with which you can update your site or how a user navigates it.


You don’t need to know what webkit and bootstrap are to make a truly great business, so why should you need to know to talk to your web team? You shouldn’t! We promise to make the process simple so you know exactly what you’re getting with no jargon getting in the way.

Precise & detailed

We aim to realise your designs and specifications as perfectly as possible, down to the pixel if we can, so you can be safe in the knowledge that the designs you approve are exactly what you’ll get.

Web & Digital

clever and unique concepts that are always on-brief.

The creative team at Dale are not short on expertise. This is shown in their clever and unique concepts which are always on-brief. What’s more, they are happy to go the extra mile; accommodating feedback and changes, as well as suggesting stylistic & functional improvements, to ensure the final product works as well as possible for me and my team.



Marketing is the common thread through all of our services. Whether it be designing and dressing the window of a flagship storefront in Knightsbridge or coding an innovative and engaging website, the aim is the same; to promote a product or service. Our team’s wide and varied backgrounds in design, print, advertising, retail and beyond gives us a unique insight into marketing and a fresh approach to promotion.


Marketing is changing faster than ever and standing out has never been harder. We use the same creative principles that drive our award winning design & innovation to give you marketing with impact.


Our solutions are all about return. The benchmark of success for each and every one of our marketing tasks is its performance. We start by setting a goal, whether that be engagement or ROI and don’t stop until we measure up.


Our solutions are all about return. The benchmark of success for each and every one of our marketing tasks is its performance. We start by setting a goal, whether that be engagement or ROI and don’t stop until we measure up.


Our team’s wide range of backgrounds make us experts in more than just the basics. With a well-rounded understanding of marketing from the customer and client’s angles, we are able to competently deliver effective, innovative campaigns.


With a background wider than just marketing and advertising, we are known for our ‘out of the box’ strategies and innovative campaigns. Whether it be their content or their deployment, we tailor our campaigns based on the results they’ll achieve, not the status quo.

Big picture

We know how easy it is to get lost in the detail. That’s why we always focus on the big picture. What is the aim of a campaign and how can we measure its success?


My ideal creative partner, they’re my first port of call.

The team at Dale are my ideal creative partner. They take the time to understand my business and my challenges before creating concepts, designs & deliverables that never fail to deliver. With their friendly, collaborative and helpful attitude towards every job, you get an idea of why they’re always my first port of call.

What’s happening at

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